North American Family Business Advisors Dedicated to the Preservation of the Family Farm

Our entity,, is an invitation-only peer group of internationally recognized experts with over 250 years of combined experience in consulting with agricultural family businesses. Our association is based on mutual respect and knowledge about each other’s approach and delivery, where meeting a client’s goals, not product sales, drives the process. The group comes together to share experience, knowledge and best practices.

We are thought leaders and pre-eminent providers on agricultural family business issues. While each member is internationally recognized for their expertise, as a group we bring to audiences the collective breadth of experience each family and business needs to address its specific goals. Family business consulting is an adaptive process that is both art and science; our members seek to overcome a cookie cutter approach and strive to follow our clients’ plans through execution. We’ve found there are as many impediments and roadblocks to working through the implementation as in the decision about what needs done.


To be recognized as the thought leaders and pre-eminent providers in the agricultural family business consulting profession.

Accomplishment of this vision will be evidenced by the following landscape: 

  • Capable and credible consultants are available in adequate supply.
  • Media outlets come to members for comment and content in agricultural family business advising.
  • Constituents value member integration of a broad array of disciplines - finance, human resources, management, legal, etc. - into the consulting service delivery process.

Mission will provide a forum for agricultural family business consulting professionals to share knowledge that will advance each members consulting skills and empower their successors with the knowledge, experience and integrity of peer-group members.